Individual courses

Online private classes

Take private lessons and enjoy every minute of it! Your teacher's time and attention are focused exclusively on you!
Take lessons wherever and whenever you want: from the café, from the office, from home! All you need is an electronic device and internet access!
Study at your convenience: morning, afternoon and evening classes or even on weekends. Lesson duration - 60 minutes.
Tailor-made lessons! You decide for yourself how and what you want to learn! You can choose to follow a syllabus or focus on a specific skill.

Would you like to study with us?

1. Berlinguas will book your free trial lesson and help you choose all the resources that will make your learning as comfortable and effective as possible.

2. Teacher selection: we find the most suitable teacher for your personal and professional profile, available at a time that suits you.

3. Placement test and trial lesson: we suggest that you take a placement test, which will serve as the basis for the teacher to prepare your 30-minute trial lesson. The trial lesson itself will confirm or not the result of the written test. After the lesson, you will receive a detailed analysis with a recommendation of the most suitable level for you!

4.  By contracting our services, you agree to our Terms of Commitment. Read here!

5.  Hourly plan selection: choose between Berlinguas Fix or Berlinguas Flexi, the one that best suits your lifestyle at the moment. Check our prices below!

6. Start studying: one-to-one private lessons are given by a private teacher through the Zoom app. You acquire new knowledge and consolidate it immediately by doing practical and interactive exercises. In each lesson, you speak more than 50% of the time. And to further deepen the knowledge acquired in class, your teacher will select homework activities geared to your specific needs. 

Plans and fees

FIX: The duration of each class is 60 minutes. Lessons follow a schedule of days and times within a pre-set time: 10 lessons — 1 month / 20 lessons — 2 months.

FLEXI: The duration of each class is 60 minutes. Lessons follow a schedule of days and times, but they can be taken within 3 months.

*Regular lessons (levels A, B, C)

Plan Fix Flexi
unit - 30€
10 hours 260€ 280€
20 hours 490€ 530€

*Preparation classes for proficiency exams (levels A, B, C) 

Plan Fix Flexi
unit - 33€
10 hours 280€ 300€
20 hours 530€ 570€


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