Group courses

Group courses: how does it work?

Our online courses resemble the face-to-face courses offered in physical schools. We follow a textbook, the teacher uses a blackboard and a digital book (audios, videos and integrated exercises). The students interact with the teacher and with each other thanks to the resources of the zoom app. In fact, this app allows students to develop activities in pairs or in groups, which makes the lesson much more enjoyable and interactive. In class, all skills are covered in a balanced way: speaking, writing, reading, listening, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.


General Information

Courses at all levels: A, B and C

Free placement test

Morning, afternoon and evening courses

Groups of up to 10 students

Dynamic classes using the ZOOM app

Monitoring and support through WhatsApp or Telegram

Courses cover all skills: speaking, writing, reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, country culture

Textbooks used: Netzwerk, Menschen, Sicher, Aspekte neu

Authentic and interactive supplementary material (music, films, literary texts, etc.)

Native or equivalent level teachers

Explanations in Portuguese or English

Recorded lessons for later viewing



Semi-intensive courses
From A1.1 to B1.2 From B2.1 to C2.2


Variant 1


Frequency: 2x per week / 2h a day
Duration: 2 months (36h)


Variant 1


Frequency: 2x per week / 2h a day
Duration: 3.5 months (60h)


Variant 2


Frequency: 3x a week / 1.5h a day
Duration: 2 months (36h)


Variant 2


Frequency: 3x per week / 1.5h a day
Duration: 3.5 months (60h)


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